Seriously, Sarah Palin?

The pit bull with lipstick is at it again…

Sarah Palin showed up at an Arizona tea party event as a surprise guest with youngest son, Trig, today.  She was holding a sign saying “Party like it’s 1773.” 

Does this woman not realize that if it were 1773 she would not be allowed to attend, let alone speak at, a political rally?

I get these people don’t like socialism and progress and what not. And then there’s the whole “no taxation without representation” thing,  but you can’t deny that progress is good.  Even 50 years ago she would not have been able to be a mother and a politician.

Party like it’s 1773 sounds great, but in reality I don’t think anyone would want to go back to that time.  The tea party has a few good points, but I don’t think they think everything through before they make their signs.

And could the please put a little more effort into their signs?  I mean, make them the night before, not really quick before the rally in the Walmart parking lot where  you just purchased the tag board, paint stirring stick, tape and markers.  I might take you a little more seriously if you planned ahead a bit.

2 thoughts on “Seriously, Sarah Palin?

  1. I think the “impromptu” signs you dislike so much are far better (and more meaningful) than the signs that the SEIU, for instance, gives to their paid protestors. Sure, the signs look nice, since they were all printed out. However, there are usually only two variations, if that.
    And I believe that “Party like it’s 1773” refers more to the fact that people were willing to put their lives on hold to protest unjust gov’t, and is not advocating a return to all societal norms of the time.

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