Motherhood and politics

For the first time ever, Oklahoma will elect a woman for governor.  Both candidates are women, so they have no choice.  One woman, Lieutenent Governor Jan Askins, has spend her life building her career and has kind of failed to fall in love, get married and bear children.  Oops! She’s been too busy serving her state.

The other candidate, Mary Fallin, newly remarried, feels that her opponent’s lack of child bearing and love somehow makes her unqualified for the governor position.  And she brings it up, constantly…

Stop me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t a woman unqualified for, well, anything because of her womb?  Wasn’t the whole fact that women were wives and mothers our downfall?  And now it makes her unqualified to lead a state?

I just don’t follow this logic.  For example: I have a work thing coming up that’s scheduled for Halloween.  None of the mothers want to do it this night because they’re mothers and they want to take their children trick-or-treating.  Those of us without children don’t really care and can work whenever.  We came to a compromise and everything worked out, but still, the children definitely got in the way.  Granted, the company should have realized that at least half their workforce are mothers, and really should have thought this whole thing through, but whatever… my point is that non-mothers have less of an issue with work stuff.

Back to the Oklahoma gubernatorial race, I don’t see how a woman who has children and step children to distract her will be better for the state that someone who doesn’t have those personal burdens to get in her way.  She’s never going to miss a meeting because her kid was up all night puking.

I’m not saying that women can’t have families and work and be successful, it can totally be done, but I don’t see how not having a family is a negative thing.  It only gives the woman more time to devote to her professional life.

So please, stop attacking women who don’t have families.  We’re not cold heartless bitches, we just wanted to play a man’s game in a man’s world a man’s way.

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  1. Pretty funny stuff Katie and what should be an obvious point, but if it were you wouldn’t have to write this. Hey, don’t forget having kids slows men down just as much as women these days – I recently accepted a part time job and then had to drop it, because between gas and daycare I would have come out behind.

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