The end game

It’s almost here.

In less than two weeks, we have something to look forward to.

The beginning of the 2016 presidential race.

What was once an affair that lasted a few months is now a years-long event that is both emotionally and financially draining for the candidates as well as the American public, and I, for one, am kind of sick of it.

The primaries have taken the fun out of the conventions, and the endless debates have taken the fun out of the primaries.

There is no space for an October surprise because we know everything about the candidates by the time they get to the June primaries.

I believe in leaders, and not politicians. All of this campaigning has turned people who could be great leaders into great politicians, which are pretty horrible human beings, when you think of it.

There will never be another campaign like Jimmy Carter’s 1976 campaign. There is so much money in politics that no one can run on their laurels alone. And that kind of breaks my heart.

There are probably a million great leaders out there today who will never have the financial backing to run for even a state office, let alone a national office, if we don’t change the way our campaigns are run and financed.

I’ll care about who’s running in 2016 in 2016.