And the winner is…


I truly believe that women are the real winners of this election.

With Obama being re-elected Obamacare and reproductive rights are safer, and hopefully this whole “women on birth control are sluts” thing passes over in by the next presidential election.

Women voters “shut that whole thing down” when it came to republicans who chose to open up their big mouths about rape.

And women gained key seats in Congress, especially North Dakota’s own Heidi Heitkamp, who became the state’s first woman to be elected to a national office today when Rick Berg conceded.

So congrats women! You earned it!

6 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. I love it…. Katherine Grandstanding!!!!

    This election was not about any woman’s right whatsoever! It was about free stuff! How do you run against Santa Claus?

    Personally, I’m a free market self avowed capitalist fiscally conservative person. Having owned my own business for 35 plus years I think the government needs to get out of the way.

    As for free birth control and free on demand abortions, I’ll be the first person in line to pay for your birth control pills, devices, whatever! I’ll also be the first in line to pay for your “unplanned” forays into parenthood. Choose any method you want to dispose of that thing in your body…..I’m all for it!

    Do good Christian, Jews or Muslim family’s resort to disposal methods to rid themselves of unwanted forays into unplanned parenthood with the literally tons of preventative measures available to them for free? Of course not!

    They do the prudent thing, have the “baby”, nurture it, or give it up to responsible people for adoption.

    So…..not to be “grandstanding” here, but folks, follow in my footsteps and count yourselves ‘in’ with me in paying for contraception and abortion methods of their choice in our hearts as the “right” thing to do! Besides…….

    Do we really truly want “those” type of people breeding like kind?

    Now I’ll get off your sop box Katherine, it’s all yours!

    • Oh Katherine, I can read very well, but I have to admit that was a sizzling rejoinder! I am awestruck to say the least! I was just having a little “fun” with your name using literary license to edit out (as in take out of context) the ‘r’ for humors sake.

      I’m not being hateful. I am trying to get the extreme right to understand your plight in not being able to afford your own birth control. I mean is it too much to ask a woman to be as responsible for her being flippant about sex as it is for a man to have a say if a little “thing” just happens to be created in a moment of sheer pleasure?

      Surely you want him to be as responsible for being “prepared” for any dalliance that you might partake in on the spur of the moment as you, right? Darn, there goes that word again.

      And I’m glad you brought up the “for” something as opposed to the “against” something. Me, I’m all for Personal Responsibility! I know, I know, that’s not considered PC in today’s lexicon of choices, but crap does happen and to expect that someone else (mainly the overtaxed makers) of this world to get out their own pooper scooper to clean up the takers messes is, well we can all reach own own conclusions there.

      Just a slight teeny weeny little criticism here, nothing major if your day job isn’t a journalist, wannabe dsdsdjournalist or promising journalist, but…..

      “thing passes over in by the next”…..Sorry but ‘over in by’. ????? That I’m afraid passes over or by me or in ??? Still don’t get it. Now I’m really old and don’t have all that fancy spell checker thing or grammar checking software, but I did finish high school and when I wrote my first book, I proofread it and edited it myself over twenty-five years ago at the dawn of modern civilization….the computer age. But I know, that’s so un-PC nowadays. Guess us old fuddy duddies still take Personal Responsibility, well, seriously!

      So, just to reiterate, I’m for PR and not against PC, but if you have PR it will only compliment PC.

      For your information, I consider myself a common sense, freedom loving, ex-combat soldier of two wars in the sixties, a father of four, grandfather of four and counting and a great grandfather of one. Not a Republican or a Democrat or a Libertarian. Certainly not a Socialist or Communist, but rather just a person who votes his morality, his conscience and most importantly, what he believes this country has stood for for over 200 years and….. hopefully, counting!

      Have a great day Katherine and remember to spell Republican was a capital “r” as a sign of respect and note hate the next time you’re on your soap box!

      Dennis Conner

      • See, even old Geezers make mistakes…. Darn new fangled contraptions……{:-{}}}}!!!

  2. Haha nice responses Dennis i got a kick out of this….but you are right ppl need to take personal responsibility for themselves and their actions Period!!! Good luck out there and congrats on the growing family.

  3. I don’t think any tax paying citizen should consider this election as winning.I am woman, I pay for my birth control. I think the idea that “women on birth control are sluts” is an extremely outdated statement. I buy my birth control with money I earn by working, a whopping $20 a month. Everyone wants to live in luxury without paying for it. That $20 is 3 pack of cigarettes, 4 drinks at the bar or 3 fancy coffee drinks from a coffee kiosk. We as Americans don’t have to have these extras in life. I don’t think my money earned by working should be garnished for others to get things in life for free. Work, manage your money and pay for the thing you really need instead of relying on others to do it for you.

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