School shootings

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting Friday, I started thinking about all of the school shootings in my lifetime.

The first major one, the one everyone references back to, is Columbine. I was in junior high when that happened, and it provoked a serious conversation and led to stricter regulations on school visitors and locked doors.

The next one that sticks on in my mind is what has been dubbed the “Red Lake Massacre.” In March 2005 a student at the high school on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota killed his grandparents before going to school and opening fire, killing five students, one teacher and a security guard.This one sticks out in my mind because I was living and attending college in near-by Bemidji, Minn., where the victims were given medical care. It was a little surreal when our small lake town was on CNN, especially for something so horrible less than 40 miles from home.

While the next major and deadliest shooting was Virginia Tech in my senior year of college, the shooting at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Ill., had more of an impact.

I was in my second semester of grad school at Columbia College Chicago and had planned to meet a few classmates for a “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” party at the Green Mill in Uptown. Al Capone, at one point, was a part-owner of the north side speak easy. I was busy with school and then work all day so I hadn’t seen the news before I got to the bar. Boy did I feel like a horse’s ass for planning a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre party the same day a kid 70 miles away shoots up his school.

I guess my point is that I’m a silly little insignificant being, and I’ve been close to two major school shootings. This happens waaaaaaayyyyyyy too often. It just needs to stop.

How is the question the talking heads are trying to answer to no avail. But I think more hugs may help, at least help the healing. But this is coming from a girl who believes that most conflicts can be resolved with a best two-out-of-three game of rock-paper-scissors. I might be a little soft.

I guess there really is no point to this, just that I’m sad and its Christmas time and people are arguing and I think we just need more hugs. Hugs are good.

Hugs and prayers.

2 thoughts on “School shootings

  1. Like Mayor Bloomberg who said that only the US has mass murders of children….you both forgot the recent 76 killings of children in the Socialist Gun Free Country of Norway, where the killer got something like nine months for each killing! So does the gun free environment work? DUH!

  2. among our family archives is a newspaper clipping from the 1930’s reporting a shooting at a one room school in the North Dakota badlands. A rejected suitor entered the school house shot and killed the teacher and himself in front of the student.

    this type of tragedy is not new, nor will it go away with any emotional driven legislation targeting any of the means used by the killers.

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