Why I hate Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing worse than being single on Valentine’s Day…………………………………. except for being in a relationship.

Why is this worse, you ask? Because women hate each other and treat each other like crap. Not all women, mind you, but there are enough b—-es in this world to give the rest of us a bad name and make us doubt ever so much.

Women are so¬†competitive¬†when it comes to men that it makes me sick, because most guys out there aren’t that great UNTIL they meet the right girl. (Have you been watching HIMYM? Ted and Barney as a-holes most of the time. Where Marshall [played by my dream guy Jason Segel] is a sweetheart because he’s with his sweetheart.)

At least, when you’re single, it’s a great excuse to eat chocolate and have a burger, where there is so much pressure to have an amazing Valentine’s Day if you’re in a relationship, and you really have no control over what happens, it’s all supposed to be up to him.

Did you get a nice bouquet of red roses… from Walmart? Guess what, that co-worker you don’t like got a beautiful bouquet that cost twice as much deliver as a “surprise” from the EXPENSIVE flower shop. (Yeah right, she probably took his credit card and set the whole thing up herself weeks ago.) But all flowers die, anyway.

He got you a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a teddy bear? Cliche, but cute! What… HER husband got her hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries flown in from France and a new puppy! Seriously?

Valentine’s Day puts unneeded pressure on relationships. They make you question someone that previously didn’t need questioning. It’s never good when you equate material things for love, but when someone else does it for you and makes you doubt something solid, that’s even worse.

So I’m glad I’m single on Valentine’s Day, because I get to eat treats and sell stuff to those poor guys who are unknowingly competing with their wife’s friend’s boyfriend.


One thought on “Why I hate Valentine’s Day

  1. YES!! Happy Murderous Rampage Day, to you as well! I hate Valentine’s Day, but now that I’m married feel obligated to give him something… BUT, lucky for me, he totally “gets” me and gave me a hand-made card that said “Happy Murderous Rampage Day” with a picture of me bopping him on the head for giving me flowers!!! Har!!! Best card EVER!!! Also, Happy Birthday to Jimmy Hoffa, wherever you are.

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