Off Topic: Things you need to “like” on Facebook in Dickinson

I know a lot of people are opposed to the commercialization of Facebook (remember when you needed a .edu email to get in?) but there is some good to come out of it. Here are the things I enjoy following on Facebook here. Some are businesses, some are government entities, all are useful.

Dickinson Area Public Library: They have A LOT of cool events at the library and always put new books available on their facebook page.

Dickinson Police Department

Lillian’s: They’re not open everyday, but always put on facebook when they are.

Our two yogurt joints (in alphabetical order): Cherry Berry and Tutti Frutti

Bakken Oil Field Fail of the Day: It usually posts more than once a day… super funny and slightly scary things going on in the Oil Patch

The Brew

Those are my favorite things to follow here in Dickinson, what are yours? Share in a comment!

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