Shame on you, Gov. Jack Dalrymple, for thinking that women and doctors know less about their bodies than politicians. Shame on you for thinking we’re all just idiots and belong barefoot and pregnant. I wouldn’t be surprised if you made women’s shoes illegal by executive order next.

Shame on you.

Abortion as a form of birth control is stupid, irresponsible and anyone who uses this as their main form of birth control should be ashamed. There are so many ways to NOT get pregnant in the first place.

That being said, abortion should be legal.

I believe abortion as a medical procedure should be legal because making it illegal does not stop women from terminating their pregnancies. Making abortion illegal can change the course of treatment when a woman is miscarrying. Making abortion illegal makes women carry their rape babies.

We had illegal abortion for many years in the country and it didn’t work. Women died at the hands of back alley abortionists. Their fertility was forever ruined. It was a dark time that many alive don’t remember.

I’m very disappointed in Gov. Dalrymple right now. I can’t believe he thinks so little about the women in this state. North Dakota women are strong, independent and know what to do with our bodies.

So tell me, governor, where do I turn in my shoes?

6 thoughts on “Shmashmortion

  1. I hope the women of North Dakota rise up and let the governor and the legislature know that they have done the women of North Dakota a great disservice. Proof positive that politics trumps common sense every time.

  2. Shame on you for posting this! I suppose your mother was pro life cause your here posting this. I wonder if this post or these people agreeing with you would even be here if your mother was all for pro choice…hmmmmm

  3. You say abortion shouldn’t be used as birth control. I agree, but isn’t that exactly what it is being used for? The real issue is and always has been valuing life. Even if it is not “convienient” for a woman to be pregnant, for whatever reason is that a reason to end it? This is a life; a pregnancy is a child. A Pro choice advocate adamantly proclaimed that a pregnancy was not a child; not a human at all. I was incredulous…. what was she “expecting”….. puppies? Even if the child is not “wanted” by the birth parents; that child is wanted by those who cannot conceive. Our nation was horrified by children being shot down in Sandy Hook…. I am horrified by our nation doing nothing to stop the murderer of thousands of babies aborted every day. Congratulations Gov. Dalrymple tor standing op tor life!

    • There is a myth that abortion is an option that women use with a flippant attitude because they just couldn’t be bothered to either get or use birth control. Nothing could be further from the truth. So many women who find themselves needing an abortion used birth control but it failed. Entering into the situation is women who have medical issues that make it difficult, not impossible, but hazardous for them to carry another child. The decisions that need to be made are not based on whim or a shallow disregard of the magnitude of this decision. I am offended when I read that abortion is always portrayed as a selfish act by a foolish woman. Why anti-abortion activists choose to not understand the complexity of this decision baffles me. Of course, it’s much easier to sway opinion if you portray the opposing side as irresponsible. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  4. Love the way you said this. So scary for our young girls now. They WILL try and terminate those pregnancies on their own. Why we cant make birth control easy to get I will never understand. Those same folks who deny abortions are the ones who hate public health and welfare that helps to nurture those same children. What a backwards freaking country we have.

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