Women ROCK!

As the abortion debate rages on (don’t forget to ask the governor and lieutenant about every decision you have to make today #NYPND and #NeedYourPermission) I think we just need to take a minute to realize what amazing creatures we women are.

Going to basic biology, we are much more amazing than men. We grow whole human beings in our bodies and then create food for them, also with our bodies. Think about that for a second. After a small donation from the male of the species at just the right time of the month we grow a human for 40 weeks. After which the human leaves us and we make food for that little human. Seriously, that’s amazing.

But, for millennia because of this amazing trait the males thought they were more powerful. It’s not like we weren’t making sure the human race would survive or anything by raising and caring for the young.

Over the last 100 years, things have gotten better, at least on the surface. Women are allowed to do everything a man can and many are encouraged to do so. But we’re still expected to fulfill traditional female roles as well.

We bring in half the money but do all the work. It’s frustrating and tiresome. Men love the idea of splitting finances 50/50, but don’t want to contribute to the tasks of being part of a household. Men in bachelorhood may live in what we respectable folk call squalor, but they can’t expect us to do the same, let alone raise a family in it.

Maybe the next generation will be better, but my generation has it rough in terms of what’s expected of us. Not only are we supposed to study hard, get good grades so we can get in to a good school and then get a good job — all while working and paying our own way — we’re supposed to stay away from boys while simultaneously find a perfect husband and provide our parents with grandchildren, preferably before we hit 30, but if we’re on track by 30, that’s acceptable, too.

We’re supposed to keep our bodies firm, have a grasp on social issues but we still need to be able to talk Kardashians when we’re in the right crowd. We’re criticized if we use our brains too much and not enough. We need to be concerned about Edward Snowden AND our eyeliner. It’s exhausting!

So I hope young girls will feel less pressure as they grow. I hope mothers and fathers my age will teach their boys and girls to do chores equally, removing gender roles around the house. Stay-at-home mom will be replaced with stay-at-home parent, meaning mom or dad can make that choice. I hope society will make it easier to take extended periods of time off to raise children, and then jump back in the workforce when the kiddos are old enough.

We’re getting there. We’ve made progress. Let’s just keep going.