For those of you who need some updating, here’s what happened. A young girl, possibly a minor, performed fellatious acts on a gentleman dude or two at an Eminem concert in Ireland. Pictures were taken, circulated online and the Internet went wild.

If you look up #SlaneGirl on Twitter you will find a bunch of slut shaming, inappropriate photos and other things to make you enraged and sick.

One can debate the wisdom of performing oral sex on what I’m guessing are strangers in broad daylight and allowing it be filmed. But that should be between the girl, her partners, the authorities and, if she is a minor, her parents. It’s not really for all of the Twitterverse to have an opinion on.

People, especially young people, get to make horrible life decisions and bounce back from them. That’s part of the joy of being a young person.

This should be one of those fun stories this girl gets to tell her college friends about, and later her grandchildren when she’s trying to be a cool grandma. (You cannot tell me this hasn’t happened a million times before since the 1960s. There are probably 1,000s of grandmas out there who did this same thing at Woodstock and other outdoor concerts throughout the years) It should not be something that puts her in the hospital.

It really annoys me when men get all judgy about stuff like this. Dude, you know you’re only being judgy because you’re jealous. What Millennial guy wouldn’t want this, either from a stranger or his girlfriend/fiance/wife?

If guys are going to get judgy about oral sex, they should really stop wanting it. So would everyone just let #SlaneGirl make some bad life choices and learn the consequences without being blasted by people all over the world. The worst thing that should happen from this is a minor STD, not world outrage.