Why I love Miley Cyrus


First of all, you might be thinking, “How is this political? Miley Cyrus isn’t a political figure?” ┬áBut everyone seems to have an opinion about the 20-year-old songstress, and I still really like her.

My Miley love started about six years ago, after I graduated from college. I was working retail part-time before starting grad school, and Hanna Montana reruns aired right about the time I was waking up, and the show was hilarious! I even saw the Hanna Montana movie in theaters on opening night. Straight up.

She started Hannah Montana in 2006, the year she turned 14. Fourteen! She’s been on TV, in the public eye, for seven years. She’s 20 years old!

I love Miley Cyrus because she’s honest. She’s honest about who she is.

Disney is the name in family-friendly entertainment. So its stars have to fit into that.

Remember when she posted a vlog post and a neon bra strap happened to be showing and the world went crazy? Really?

Right now MC is trying to figure out who she is. She was known for having long brunette hair full of extensions, so she chopped it all of and bleached it out — complete 180. She was sweet and had to take the obligatory Disney virginity pledge, so she’s flexing her sexuality. The old hats weren’t working, so she’s trying on new ones.

Think about what you were like when you were 20. Were you a perfect saint? Or did you party, experiment with drugs and sex, and just generally get your wild youthfulness out of yourself in order to grow up?

I think that we think Miley is older than she is because she’s been in the public eye for so long.

I love Miley Cyrus because she’s unapologetic about who she is. I think we could all use a dose of that attitude from time to time.